You have created clear brand guidelines and a strong message but your field personnel and dealers’ excecution is still all over the place, hurting the brand image. What now?

Keep a tight grip on your brand with our digital brand management solutions.


Dealer marketing portal development,
hosting & Support


digital brand asset management
& message control


Web, Mobile & Print Campaign
Management Tracking

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MGrouplive is a brand asset management system that lets you and your dealers create audience-specific marketing
materials while ensuring a consistent brand message across the board.

How A Campaign Works

  • 1

    We create/set up an online dealer/franchise marketing portal that fits your company’s brand management needs.

  • 2

    Using your approved designs, we develop templates that your dealers and field personnel can use for their web, mobile and print campaigns.

  • 3

    You decide which brand elements (logos, typography, color schemes, imagery, parts of the copy, etc.) should be locked, so they cannot be edited by anyone without the authority to do so. This helps you maintain the integrity of your brand.

  • 4

    Whether they log in to the portal directly or through a corporate gateway, each dealer gets a unique access login, so they can upload and maintain their own contact/mailing lists and adapt the editable parts of the templates to the needs of their local market.

  • 5

    We provide all the hosting elements, content management, support to your internal marketing staff/dealers and even handle any needed Co-Op requirements.

  • 6

    By using the available reporting metrics, you can monitor your dealers’ creation of ads, radio scripts, billboards, web banners and materials ordered for campaigns.

  • 7

    For the execution of print campaigns, you and your network can take advantage of the experience and resources of our MGroup Production division. We can manage the campaign productions from A to Z and guarantee consistency of output, quality and cost control.